PET Products

PET products

Where quality meets consistency

We currently produce two PET chip products from our plants at Wilton in Teesside: one offering glass-like transparency and the other, a fast reheat resin, offering converters and fillers the opportunity to reduce energy costs.

Fully compliant with European and USA Food Contact and Pharmacopeia legislation, both our PET products are produced from a continuous polymerisation process to ensure the highest consistency in the industry – and offer converters the broadest processing window possible.

PAPET Clear™
A non-reheat resin with high gloss and transparent qualities to produce glass-like optics, our PAPET Clear™ product is suitable for customer containers, thick clear sheet applications and single stage bottle production.

A fast reheat resin suitable for two-stage high-speed bottle production and bottle blowing, PAPET Max™ offers the best of both worlds – the highest cycle times and the lowest energy costs.

Please remember to always recycle your PET bottles.