New Product Launch – PAPET Max™

Papet Max

Following many months of test, evaluation and approvals I’m pleased to say that we’re
now ready to launch the first of a new range of products under the PAPET brand name

PAPET Max™ will become the principle fast reheat resin from Lotte Chemical UK Ltd
from early March 2014 and its introduction will mean that Melinar® Laser+ which for
many years has been the overall class leading fast reheat resin will be phased out.

Since its launch in 1994 we have produced well in excess of 2 Million tonnes of
Melinar® Laser + and it is not without some sadness that we announce that its
production will cease however PAPET Max™ offers numerous benefits and has now
been approved by all major brand owners and bottle producers.

Your Account Manager will discuss the timings to transition from Melinar® Laser+ to

Mark W Kenrick

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