Lotte Chemical UK are looking for new talent and have 3 sponsored apprenticeship opportunities – closing date for application is July 26th

Lotte Chemical UK are pleased to announce that we will be sponsoring three apprentices starting in September this year. LCUK has been at the forefront of apprenticeship reform and these apprenticeships will be based on the new Trailblazer Standards which we have been instrumental in developing. Investing in apprentices is one of our key strategic objectives and we are committed to seek motivated young people to sponsor through our apprentice programmes. Young people bring new energy to any business; they’re keen to learn and try out new ideas and skills. In turn this provides a pipeline of highly skilled technicians.

We are looking for one Mechanical Engineering Technician, and two Manufacturing Process Technicians.

Those wishing to apply for these apprenticeships should do so via COGENT Skills using the following links

Candidates need to have achieved, or are expected to achieve five GCSE grades A-C with Mathematics, Science and English being mandatory.

Anyone who has already been accepted by training providers such as TTE and NETA should also apply via the COGENT links above.

These are excellent career opportunities so, if you know of anyone interested in gaining an apprenticeship with Lotte Chemical UK or indeed one of the other companies within the consortium then please ask them to use the links above to submit an application form. More details and information can be found on the website by following the links.

Closing date for the applications is 26th July with interviews and selection events taking place in August. The start date for these apprenticeships is planned late September. However this may change and if anyone needs further information regarding these opportunities please contact Lesley Lobb 01642 451125

Stephen Trillo
HR OD Director

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