Children Challenging Industry Visit January 2017

Overfields Primary School

LCUK host visit of Overfields Primary School, Ormesby as part of the Children Challenging Industry initiative…

Over 45,000 children have taken part in the Children Challenging Industry programme since its development in 1997. This year the initiative celebrates 20 years of inspiring young people to connect with Science and Industry.

One of the most inspiring aspects of their work is being able to take the children on site visits to companies like LCUK. This allows the children to see first-hand the “science in action” and often provides them with an experience they will never forget and will hopefully lead them to thing about careers in the chemical industry. The children love seeing how industry works and because of this, as keen supporters of the initiative, LCUK agreed to host a visit of a group of year 6 children (age 10-11) from Overfields Primary School in Ormesby on 27 January 2017.

On their visit to LCUK the students spent time learning about PET which involved a presentation on what we do here, an experiment to demonstrate the durability/strength of PET and a visit to the plant, control rooms and workshops as seen in the picture above…

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